Wealth Lion™

Wealth Lion™ is based on the premise that every organization­—regardless of size or technical sophistication—deserves full access to all the information needed to identify, profile, and manage their prospects.


Wealth Lion Prospect Research Database can identify the wealthiest of the wealthy—the top six percent in terms of income, assets and philanthropic history.


Wealth Lion provides detailed profile information, including valuable links for more information, on prospective or current customers that match the database. Information, such as demographic information, lists of specific political donations, and SEC insider transactions.


In addition, the program will analyze the matches in the aggregate, graphing levels of assets and potential sales opportunities. The information you receive is automatically updated, keeping you current on the latest news about your top prospects. This information is available from any location, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can access it from different computers at the same time. Plus you can link to it from any lead management system.


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