The evolution of the NOBLE methodology has been a process of observation, evaluation and constant improvement. For many years, The Verdi Group (parent company of the NOBLE organization) has been instrumental in the segmentation of audiences for the ability to address members in each group as individuals; not as a unified mass.


By segmenting audience groups—as opposed to traditional ways—greater response is possible and in most cases, highly probable. These initiatives have been used over the past 15 years by The Verdi Group in the areas of health and human services: Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ABVI) and the Hillside Children's Center, both in Rochester, NY, are among a couple of our clients.


Recently NOBLE has been implemented for a prestigious educational institution seeking to communicate more effectively with their alumni about planned giving. NOBLE communications replaced a canned program of legal advice. The application of the NOBLE model has produced astounding results and is a continued methodology in their arsenal for planned giving.


This proven methodology can be used to your advantage!

"Top factor that dramatically reduces likelihood for a new charitable plan: birth of the first grandchild."

Russell James

Associate Professor,

Texas Tech University

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