• This approach makes sense to me. How would the information be actionable to our organization?

    NOBLE helps your gift officers customize their approach to planned giving donor prospects. NOBLE helps them understand primary motivation of that individual toward giving to their institution. This is invaluable over the course
    of the relationship with that donor.

  • How do I get started with NOBLE?

    Just by giving us a call. We can have a friendly, informal discussion (no obligation) with us to determine the scope
    of your challenges. This only takes 30 minutes or so and can be just to you at this initial point or a larger group,
    if you wish.

  • What is the NOBLE methodology?

    For many of our clients, the objective is to further the donor's interest in planned giving. The institution may also wish to gently probe for the mindset around including the institution in a bequest, particularly if the donor has already made provision that was heretofore unknown.


    A NOBLE survey will be customized to your audience and will be deliberately brief. A concise three or four questions,
    is typical and allows us insight into giving motivations. The survey will be implemented via direct mail and email, results aggregated and presented to your team with recommended follow-up actions.

  • Typical time line?

    NOBLE survey responses (leads) may be available as early as 10 weeks from estimate approval. Initial milestones include the input process (2 weeks); survey generation and refinement (2 weeks); creation of supporting materials
    for direct mail, and landing page (2 weeks); and production and implementation (3 weeks).


    After the survey launches, we typically allow a generous response window, whereupon we analyze the data and append NOBLE codes to non-responders from your database.

  • Do I have to do the mailing?

    We can handle everything and get it done for you in a timely fashion. Or you can have your "in-house" production group execute the project, if desired. We simply supply them with the files for execution.

  • How much is a typical NOBLE segmentation survey?

    The survey project is typically $9,500, depending on the degree of input and the depth of information desired. The fee includes input phase, survey instrument design, data collection, analysis, and NOBLE coding of responders and an inferred coded for non-responders.


    The fee does not include e-blast fees, landing page hosting, or direct mail production, as many of our clients have these services in-house. These fees can be quoted upon request.

  • What kind of ROI can I expect from the segmentation survey?

    This effort typically pays for itself, potentially many times over, with a bequest that is made as a result of intentions being made apparent for the first time in the NOBLE survey.

  • How many responders (leads) can I expect to receive from the NOBLE segmentation survey?

    Levels of engagement vary by institution. Some institutions are lucky enough to have strong emotional bonds with their donor base. With the NOBLE approach, it is likely you will receive more leads than in previous endeavors; ongoing leads are in proportion to the offer that is part of the (optional) follow-up outreach.

  • What do I do with the survey responder leads once I get them?

    Act on them immediately. There is no better lead than a current one. This person or persons are interested in talking with you sooner rather than later. Have a system or methodology set up to contact them promptly.

  • What happens with non-responders to the survey? 
Is there a way to infer NOBLE giving motivations for them?

    Yes, there is a methodology that we employ to append NOBLE codes to these people. The accuracy of this will depend on the extent of your data on your donor database.

  • How do we use the codes?

    They indicate how your communications to specific groups within your audience need to be customized. They may have been treated as a massive homogenized group before...now you can connect with them in a meaningful way.

  • Where is the best place to use them?

    Any outbound communication with your audience or constituents...this is especially critical and important when dealing with fund raising situations. Your alumni or constituents can get turned off by messages that treat them as a group, rather than as an individual.

  • Can you also help us craft follow-up communications to our survey
responders to further the conversation, based on the NOBLE codes?

    Absolutely. We are experts at direct marketing and can create very tailored communications that are designed to keep the donor/potential planned giving donor engaged through the life cycle of the bequest conversation.

  • How long can I use the codes?

    The NOBLE codes will be typically useful for about five years. There are migrations of people from code to code and it is best to re-survey them.

  • We may wish to have your team train our gift officers on how to best use 
the findings from our NOBLE effort. What is the cost of a one-day visit?

    The cost of our one-of-a-kind (and very helpful) one-day consulting visit is $2,000, plus travel and expenses.

  • We also need help identifying wealthy potential donors. How can you help with that overlay?

    Our partner, The Ogden Group, has developed a proprietary wealth overlay model that can quickly profile your donors to understand their full giving potential. Wealth Lion™ allows gift officers to ramp up their efforts to the right prospects, at the appropriate giving level.


    The Ogden Group has worked with hospitals, health-related causes, colleges, foundations, and other non-profits for over 20 years.

  • What types of wealthy people are in the database?

    The Wealth Lion™ Database is comprised of different segments that are merged in one complete profile of the individual. The data is a combination of:


    A. Individual income

    B. Known Private investment portfolios

    C. Private pension plan data

    D. Positions in companies

    E. SEC reported holdings

    F. Ownership of private companies

    G. Yacht, plane, luxury car and luxury/estate property ownership

    H. Philanthropic activity

    I. Foundation connection

    J. Political giving

    K. Who's Who information

    L. Lifestyle and social group information

  • Where does the data come from?

    We compile the data from public, private and investor information sources.

  • How often is the database updated?

    We do quarterly updates, then full rebuild each year.

  • How long does it take to get results?

    That depends on your needs. We have done overnight screenings for hospital admits that are all automatic.
    Usually it takes 3 business days.

  • Can I do individual lookups?


  • Can I perform moves management functions?

    Yes, that is all built in.

  • Can I enter notes on specific profiles?

    Yes, that is built in also.

  • Will the results interface with my existing donor management software?

    Yes, we have interfaced with Blackbaud, Donor2 and many others.

  • Do I have to reformat my input to a specific format?

    We have a recommended format, but any generally used formats can be accepted.

  • What is the cost of Wealth Lion™?

    Wealth Lion™ is priced according to the number of records input. 10,000 records input is $3,000.
    For 25,000 records, the fee is $6,000.

  • Does the Wealth Lion™ match rate vary by organization?

    Yes, the average rate is 6%. Most clients can expect to match between 4% and 8%,of the records input.

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